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Bio: Our portal is free global medical virtual service, formed in order in order to help citizens to improve their own health to enjoy life and live longer. Stroke cover the most diverse segments health and society. We seek that any representative of mankind managed save vigor of youth and vitality to old age. You in all listen only experts? We – the team professionals and know about that prestige project is produced mutual forces all members. Topics our platform fully dedicated articles health person and medicine General. Only here you discover relevant medical publications, outlined simple language, about healing and prevention number diseases, and in addition description themselves ailments. Our authors are current physicians, they are happy to share curious and useful information, concerning all areas of medicine, including obstetrics, psychiatry and Oncology, endocrinology and prevention, gastroenterology and physiology, number other areas. With exhaustive list submitted on site medical questions you at any time will be able to read on the start page. Close warning pages portal given to the most burning and important subjects in medicine – formation malignant tumors and fight them, women and with male infertility, cardiovascular and sexual diseases. Here presented and translations of most interesting English medical articles. Here you at any moment can to find is needed you tips and recommendations to check the accuracy data, to study of how to apply of medications and opinions about them share your impression with other visitors. All this significantly reduces time to search necessary information and as a result – your money, spent on maintenance of health person.
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